Cratloe Hills Sheep's Cheese
The pioneers of sheep's cheese in Ireland

About The Cheese

We offer two different types of quality sheep's cheese. Both of these are manufactured on our own farm by hand using vegetarian rennet. We offer our classic blend, Mild Cratloe Hills Gold - a light cheese with a subtle nutty flavour, with a wide variety of great uses, such for cheeseboards, salads, sandwiches or a light wine. We also offer Mature Cratloe Hills Cheese - this is a delicious, full-bodied, intricate blend of tastes. As the sheep's cheese matures its flavours become more robust, and this allows us to carefully slow-age the cheese and layer the flavours. A taste of our mature blend is an experience - each bite brings more hints of butterscotch and burnt caramel come to the fore.

Our cheese is sold in a wide range of varieties from 125g to 3kg.